About us

Many foreign tourists hesitate when it comes to travel to Romania. They want to visit Dracula’s country and explore the historic centers of cities like Sinaia, Sighisoara and Brasov or just see the fortified churches in Transilvania and the wooden churches in Maramures, but they fear they will get robbed or double-crosed. Well, we assure you that most of these fears vanish after your first trip to Romania. And we know for sure that you will recommmend our country and our services to your friends and family.

TripsRo is all about showing you the most important landmarks of Romania offering you the best trips you can get to Bran Castle, beautiful Sinaia and Brasov and other exciting places that will leave long lasting impressions on you!

Why choose us?

Private Tours

If you want a private and peacefull tour for you and your partner, both business or life partner, then TripsRo is the perfect place to find it! We offer special tours starting from 2 persons, so don’t be shy and contact us!

Value for Money

We also care about the money we spend, so at TripsRo you’ll find excelent services at very good prices. From the moment you get picked up and until you return to your hotel, you will enjoy every second of your trip with us!

Beautiful Places

Romania is a very rich country when it comes to folklore, traditions, real food cooked with vegetables from real gardens, tasty wine and really beautiful places to see. Let us show you how fun and easy it is to discover Romania!

Passionate Travel

Everyone deserves to get the best travel deals and experiences one can get. We at TripsRo are very passionate about our country and about what it has to offer, so we offer you some of the best trips you cand get in Romania!